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Feb 28, 2018

Postcard collecting is the third largest collector's group in the world. And collectors are called deltiologists. Do you know why? In this episode you'll find out. You'll also learn about the hidden meaning of stamp placement; and how to make sure your postcards arrive in the best condition. Did I mention "prison...

Feb 19, 2018

One sunny Sunday afternoon. One thousand postcards. Fifty people. And an idea: cast some love out into the world on a postcard. In this episode, we go to an event put on by the Love Hearts Project, where a large group of people gathered to support the project and show some love by writing postcard love letters.


Feb 14, 2018

Passive-aggressive postcards pack a punch. In just a few lines, the writer can foist guilt on the reader. "I haven't heard from you; in case you care, I'm very sick." Or a card can say, "Why haven't you written?" Or worse: don't write to me again.

In this episode, Frank Roche is joined by Lori Feldman. They talk about...

Feb 7, 2018

Everyone loves a love story. And this love story has all of the elements of a good one: young love in a small town, rivals, jealousy, intrigue and passion. All played out on a series of 31 romance postcards in a collection from 1909 to 1912. This is The Postcard Love Story of Emil & Bell.

Feb 2, 2018

In this episode, I talk about the origins of the Postcardist, how I got started writing postcards as a kid, and where the show is headed. This is the pilot...and I mentioned Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts. And Burning Man.